Terms and Conditions

You are agreeing to ALL of the below when placing an order with us!


Product/Seed Prices

We make every effort to provide our seed packets at the lowest cost possible to our customers and supporters. At the end of the day, we are a non-profit organization and our seed sales are crucial to help us remain able to do what we do at Roughwood. Our prices are based on a number of things that effect the price range we offer. Everything, from seeds to live roots, are all packed by hand first and foremost. There are no automated machines, etc. It is strictly human labor and even labels are applied to our packets by hand. This labor and hand packaging is a key factor in our pricing as we wish to bring a more personal feel to our seed saving and products. All varieties are planted, harvested, and processed by hand as well. Variety rarity is also a key factor, as we often have small quantities of rare plants and try and market and price them fairly as compared to other competitors. Those that are most rare will usually be higher priced because the tender loving care they required to produce such small quantities. Growers and producers are also involved. We have growers who produce seed to us and it is from our sales we are able to pay them their compensation for growing varieties for us. Those varieties that were bred by a breeder we pay royalties to as well under breeding rights.


Delivery Time


We make every effort to update our Web site so that it reflects items that we have in stock and are available for shipping. We generally fill and mail orders within two business days. During our busy periods, the time between receiving an order and mailing it can jump to seven to ten business days. Check the "Contact Us" page for current order fulfillment times. Orders sent to U. S. addresses typically take between two and ten days. Canadian orders take from one to five weeks (that is the worst case so far). Please consider all of this information before placing a last minute order.


Delays in Delivery


The Roughwood Table and Roughwood Seed Collection is not be responsible for loss or damage caused by delays in delivery from strikes, acts of war, fire, casualty, inability to obtain materials or other causes beyond our control. 


Shipping Fees


In order to keep the packet prices as low as possible, we do not hide shipping costs in them. Your shipping fee is calculated by the online store’s built in USPS system. The cost of filling a mail order is not simply a matter of placing postage stamps on an envelope. For the safety of the seeds, we only ship in padded packaging so that they survive the rollers of the USPS's sorting machinery. And although we do not attempt to "make money" on shipping and handling, we do try to recoup some of the costs. Please note that this generally is only an issue with small orders. When folks plan and order larger amounts, shipping is typically at or below our cost. Along with the obvious cost of postage, there are:

• Merchant fees to process card payments. Card processing companies charge a flat fee per order plus fees based on card type, type of transaction, on top of the fees they collect for your credit card issuer.

• Packing Materials - Padded envelopes, forms, labels, etc. If we didn't cover costs, we wouldn't be in business very long and our seed variety preservation work would be put at risk. Please use a valid email address and phone number. They will only be used to aide in processing this order and required to help prevent fraud. Refer to our privacy policy for our feelings on the use of personal information. We ship packages using the U. S. Postal Service (USPS) using their Delivery Confirmation service. It is the most economical for the majority of the orders that we fulfill. Please provide a valid USPS qualified address. If you are unsure, you can test your address at http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp.

Domestic (U.S.) Insurance and Shipping Damage Claims


No matter where you are spending your money, all business transactions involve two or more parties, the customer and the merchant. Mail order purchases add a third party, the carrier. As "the merchant," we do our very best, to ensure that your order is securely and properly packaged and that it is safely entered into the US Postal Service's system. The customer's responsibility, aside from making payment, is simply to provide us with a valid, USPS mailing address that can safely receive packages. 99.99% of the time, there are no issues involved in fulfilling orders and since the USPS now includes some insurance coverage on their Priority and Express Mail services,* the majority of folks are completely protected. However, as a small organization operating under extremely tight margins, we just cannot afford to absorb losses over which we have no control. So along with the previously mentioned USPS coverage, we offer very affordable package insurance to cover any gaps. If you are concerned about mail service to your address, this affordable package insurance is available for you to purchase during the checkout process. In the rare event that your order is not received, contact us as quickly as possible so that we can start by having our postmaster put a trace on the package. If your local post office is stating that they delivered your package, you will need to work with your postmaster as well to report the loss. In our years of experience, the majority of the time they are able to trace and locate packages. We do purchase proof of shipping / tracking and can provide you with the number if the need arises. If the post office cannot locate your package and you are covered under package insurance, contact us so that we can get the problem quickly resolved. We want you to always get what you order from us and enjoy the rewards of gardening with Roughwood.


International Sales Policy


As a small organization, we do not have the resources to staff an export department nor are we able to provide any form of special documentation your country might require. Our seeds meet or exceed standards in the United States of America and for the state of Pennsylvania are properly labeled for sale here. We cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen or confiscated packages shipped outside of the United States postal system. If you are shipping to an address outside of the United States, by placing an order, you agree that:

          a. You (the purchaser and/or importer) guarantee that the material being purchased is not on a restricted list within your country. Check with                     your       Ministry of Agriculture or Customs Departments. Import rules are changing regularly and we cannot possibly keep track of all of                  them. So check your country's import regulations before placing your order with us.

           b. You have obtained all necessary documentation to allow entry into your country. We cannot provide phytosanitary certificates or any other                      documentation that might be required by your government.

      c. We package and label your parcel clearly with content and value information on the customs tag so as to avoid customs intervention. However, we cannot guarantee that customs for your country will not open your package and determine that extra charges are due, or perhaps even confiscate the order. These risks are the sole responsibility of you, the purchaser. We are not responsible for loss, additional tariffs, quarantine fees, taxes, customs charges, etc. that may be levied.

         d. You assume responsibility for your package once it enters the mail stream and will not hold the Roughwood responsible for the shipment once it leaves our facilities NO REFUNDS FOR LOST OR CONFISCATED PACKAGES. Due to the increased difficulty sending seeds internationally, we are currently only shipping to certain countries. If your country is not listed in our shipping system, we apologize and recommend that you use a larger company set up to export seeds. If your country is listed within our shipping system, you are still ultimately responsible for being the importer and agree to the following.

       1. Payments are in $US. Credit-debit cards generally will automatically perform the necessary conversion. If you choose to place a mail order, please check the actual shipping cost and use an international money order payable in $US.

       2. Shipping is based on U.S. Postal Service International Mail.

      3. By placing an order, you agree to and accept our general terms of sale as well as to the international shipping policy. The information below regarding specific countries is provided here as a reference but does not include every country or every circumstance. It is your responsibility as an "importer" to make sure that the seeds that you are ordering are allowed into your country without any special requirements.


Special Note About Shipping to Australia: Before completing your order you must verify that the seeds your are interested in are allowed into your country Special Note


About Shipping to Canada: Shipping across the border to Canada is no longer inexpensive and is not always as seamless as it once was. The USPS, along with all other shippers, keep increasing rates. And although the USPS lists delivery times as 6 to 10 business days, due to customs and Canadian Post delays, orders can take occasionally take two to six weeks (in extreme cases) for delivery. Although we cannot predict how long it will take to receive your order, we do send you an email when your package is mailed out. All of that said, in nearly two decades of mailing packages to Canada, every one has eventually made it to their destinations. It may take a while, but our postal systems have always come through. General shipping to Canada is now $42 regardless of the order and requires a slightly longer delivery and processing period.


Special Note About Shipping to European Union nation states (including the United Kingdom): At this time, we are no longer able to mail seeds to your location. Sadly, regulations have been enacted that restrict the importation of various species of plants from the United States. The last orders that we filled were confiscated and destroyed.

Terms of Business


We at The Roughwood Table and Roughwood Seed Collection do not store seeds for excessive amounts of time and will send limited-viability seeds undried. We periodically test our seed stock and can attest to germination as we cultivate many of the plants ourselves from our own seeds. We do not send old seeds, known non-viable seeds, nor substitute seed selections under any circumstance without your prior approval. Our seeds mostly have excellent germination rates and we are proud to maintain high standards in seed viability and selections. Some seeds are naturally low and we try and add more seed in this case. All of our varieties meet the Pennsylvania and Federal seed regulation laws. All seeds are for planting purposes only, and should not be consumed. We identify all plants and seeds to the absolute best of our abilities and take great care to make sure both species and varieties are sourced and identified correctly. However, some species are similar in appearance and nature, and Roughwood Table and Roughwood Seed Collection does not make any guarantee or hold any liability if germinated seeds show production, genotypic, or phenotypic differences from parent sources. Many of our seeds, including vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, and others, are carefully isolated for open-pollination and as such, cross-pollination may sometimes occur. By placing an order you are agreeing to sale under these terms. By placing an order you are also agreeing that you are in no way associated with any GMO/biotech, or pharmaceutical company, business, individual, entity, organization, etc. If you are suspected or found out to be involved with such an entity/being, your order will be cancelled, and action taken against you. We at Roughwood DO NOT support GMO, copyrighting or patenting seeds. Our seeds are open sourced and may never be patented or copyrighted.