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Welcome to the 2021 Roughwood Seed Shop! We are so honored to be able to serve our customers and fans once again! After a long awaited summer closing, we bring you many rare flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other rarities for your 2021 gardens! All of our seeds are hand packed, hand processed, and hand labeled. It is indeed a labor of love! We DO NOT support any GMO company, organization, etc. Our seeds are raised with kindness, love, and freedom from patents/copyrights and GMO.  Also, because we are a small organization/business, all of our seed offerings are ONLINE ONLY. We do not put out a mail catalog at this current time. 


Check back often because we will be adding more and more varieties over the next few months as our harvest is finalized and growers return their seed to us. Next major bulk update is scheduled for mid-November!

Click on any product below to learn more about it. Vegetables and edible greens are listed below. Flowers and Herbs can be found as a sub-page by hovering over SHOP SEEDS. Books, Live Roots, and Apothecary products are their own pages now, for your convenience!

SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders  placed from 11/18/2020 to 11/30/2020 will ship AFTER THANKSGIVING. We are closed for Thanksgiving but still taking orders! We will ship your orders after the holiday to avoid them setting over and a greater delay in you receiving them. We are only shipping seeds to selected countries: Canada,  South Africa, and American Territories. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions subpage to see if we are shipping to your country. Please be aware foreign shipping is risky and not cheap! Please inquire for root shipments to other countries. 

**As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we at Roughwood are not responsible for any delays in your order delivery or if it is lost when turned over to the USPS. It is out of our hands at that point and thus, out of our responsibility.**

© 2020 The Roughwood Table. All photos, unless noted, and recipes/text are ©  Roughwood Table.

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