Seed Programs

As Roughwood undergoes a transition, we are working on expanding our outreach and how to further get heirloom seeds into more hands. Starting early February 2021, we are proud to be offering a unique and little known program based off a normal CSA (Community Supported Agriculture-produce and farm products). Our program, one of just a very small handful in the heirloom seed industry, is still a CSA, but it is a Community SEED Agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was developed as a way for people to deepen their connections with their sources of sustenance by supporting farms and farmers directly, often at a local community level. Generally, it followed along with people having access to seasonal produce or produce delivery but we at Roughwood have adopted a new model for seed and seed saving! We have 5 (five) membership tiers for Roughwood Seed Collection’s CSA Seed program. This ranges from small home gardeners to larger, full scale large gardeners and homesteaders! Each membership includes a different amount of seeds and various other perks and are organized by our sizing. All come with tips and tricks for planting and seed saving but we also will include in certain ones free seed saving books, etc. Large Membership upwards will also include FREE LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER WITH OUR ROUGHWOOD TEAM DURING YOUR GROWING SEASON VIA ZOOM OR ANOTHER VIDEO/AUDIO CHANNEL. 

These programs are memberships anyone (with certain restrictions noted on their pages) can sign up for and purchase to obtain a set amount of seed packets, planting-harvest-seed saving information, and other perks, over the course of 4-5 shipments throughout the season. Five levels of memberships priced fairly allow small home gardeners, community gardens, homesteaders and farmers, and indigenous peoples to utilize our seed CSA program! All include heirloom/open pollinated, non-GMO seed varieties.  Below are the CSA membership levels and you can purchase them as you do any other variety from us. All of our CSA memberships below INCLUDE SHIPPING!

                                    Shipping is again INCLUDED in each CSA membership.

  How does Roughwood’s Seed CSA work?:


You will sign up as a member early in the season (2021 memberships will be available late January 2021) by purchasing the CSA size of your choosing from our products below. You will be paying for the seed and information products upfront so we can obtain the proper materials needed as well as pay farmers for their seed growouts to make these seeds available. Members typically receive more than the  fair market value in the produce/goods alone during the growing season, after the early investment is made. Instead of buying packets individually, these CSA programs are great ways to expand your garden or even start one! 

As a member, you will receive seeds that you can plant, grow, eat or sell, and save seed from again! All of this is a great seed to produce and seed to table  experience! You will also receive tips and guidance so that you and your garden succeed. Seed can then be saved by you for the next season without any restrictions! Heirloom seeds are public domain and are meant to shared (respectfully of course) and none of our varieties are patented, copyrighted, or GMO. They are all heirloom varieties or conventionally bred varieties from heirlooms by our own breeders or other plant breeders in the industry.

For those who live in more tropical climates (Zones 9 and up) your medium to homestead level CSA membership may include some of our rare roots! This would mean that you could recieve any of our rare turmeric and gingers as well as any of the other rare roots. If these interest you, please make a note when you purchase your membership.