Cucumis melo.


The Buah Entimun Betu or indigenous Borneo cucumber is more a melon than a cucumber. A very hardy plant the grows almost every where in Sarawak. But it definitely does not like too swampy land. The fruit can grow as big as a elongated rock melon in the best of fertile soils and the fruit has similar texture but is not as sweet or juicy as a rock melon. The flesh is red and green and at times thoroughly orange. The fruits usually avergae the siz eof baseballs or grapefruits here in the U.S. It is advisable to take out the seeds and wash the cucumber with some salt before eating raw. Locally, the seeds are said to "burn the lips"  if left in the fruit. ~20-30 seed minimum per packet.


This variety is part of our partnership with local Maryland seed saver and enthusiast Scott Malpass and his 'Scottland' Seed Business. A portion of sales of all varieties with Scott's Scottland association will be donated back to him to further support his seed saving work and community involvement in Maryland. 

Wild Borneo Cucumber Melon