We acquired Tutelo Strawberry Corn in 1981 from Little Black Snake, a Cornplanter Seneca who had collected seeds from the Cornplanter peoples and given them over to Quakers who had joined in their legal fight to save their homeland along the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania from Army Corps of Engineer destruction. The Army Corps prevailed in spite of a treaty guaranteeing these people their homeland since the 1700s. Spiritually broken, most of them left the bitter memory of Pennsylvania for the Seneca reservation in New York and abandoned many ancient land races that they had inherited from the cultural groups with which they had intermarried. Tutelo Strawberry corn was an orphan of that forced migration. Four to six foot plants, 1 to 2 cobs per plant and way down, allow 110 to 120 days from planting until good enough for parching. The cornmeal is so sweet some people will claim it contains maple sugar, and why not? The corn was developed as a parching corn, which means that in the milk stage it was roasted at a low temperature to caramelize the sugars. ~80 seed per packet. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! TWO PACKET LIMIT PER CUSTOMER

Tutelo Strawberry Flour Corn