80-100 days. A rare, historic white dent type corn that was first introduced by the Minnesota Goodwin Company in 1888 and then offered up the Oscar Will Company in 1941. Considered a Great Plains Indigenous variety used any, this is questionable because of it being more a modern dent instead of an older, indigenous type. Nonetheless, it’s short season and cold climate tolerance makes it a great choice for Northern gardeners. 6 foot stalks, 10 to 14 rows on 5-7 inch ears. Makes great cornbread and grits and has a rich, sweet flavor.


A Scott Malpass variety, we are splitting 50% profits with him. This variety was open pollinated, meaning that it’s purity is at least 90% but may have other heirloom corns (NO GMO) mixed in with it. Second photo from North Circle Seeds. 


80 seed minimum per packet.

Rustler White Dent Corn (OP)