This is a new strain of collard created by Dr. William Woys Weaver by selectively crossing the medieval heirloom Caulet de Flandre with the 1820s Landreth classic Green Glaze. As a result Dr. Weaver has produced a flavor-rich collard with the genetic traits of both parents: the tenderness and insect resistant traits of the original Green Glaze plus the rich flavor and winter hardy features of Caulet de Flandre. Mature plants will produce spreading heads as large as 4 feet across, which allow for continuous harvest of the tender lower leaves, and the violet stems of mature over-wintering plants will produce an abundance of collard sprouts in the second year, small buds similar to the Brussels Sprouts which evolved from Caulet de Flandre in the 1700s. Roughwood Collard is altogether a winner for anyone who wants to grow healthy bug-free organic cabbage. Plant 3 feet apart for best collard production. Will over winter in Zone 7 and warmer without protection. Biennial. At least 50 seed per pack.

Roughwood Green Glaze Collards