Phaseolus vulgaris.


The miniature Rice Bean, also called Haricot nain de Hongrie (Hungarian Dwarf Bush Bean) is one of the most unusual of all the bush beans developed in Europe during the 1800s. The plants grow about 12 inches tall with small, narrow, stringless pods that are best for harvesting when 4 ½ to 5 inches long. The pods remain green and tender much longer than most string beans and will produce abundantly all summer if picked continuously. The small white seeds resemble rice (hence the name) and can be cooked
like rice or added to soups. Their petite appearance made this bean popular as a garnish for salads and elaborate Victorian roasts. Mentioned in Le Bon Jardinier for 1882, the beans were developed in Hungary sometime before 1870. ~20 seed minimum per packet.

Rice Bean