A.K.A. Lenape Blue Bread Bean.


A very rare and original Roughwood Seed Collection introduced variety, these dry beans have a delicious meaty flavor and are used for stews and baking into bread. Six foot vines yield an abundance of purple pods filled with dark purple seeds. Tan-brown off-types are also common. 


Dr. William Woys Weaver was entrusted with these beans when the seed keeper who cared for them in Oklahoma passed away. Many Lenape people now reside in Northern Oklahoma because the U.S. government forced them there in the 1860s. The seed has been brought back to its original land. Kingsessing is derived from the Lenape word "Chingsessing," meaning “a place where there is a meadow.” Originally, this was the name for the land between the Schuylkill River and Cobbs Creek, in what is now West and Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is one fo the classic beans, related to the Blue and Black Shackamaxon beans also introduced by Roughwood, that were once common across the Eastern Woodlands. Cornplanter Purple is also related to these beans. Not only edible, the beans and pods were utilized to make a beautiful purple-blue dye as well.


~20-25 seed per packet. TWO PACKET LIMIT.


Grown for us by Pat Brodowski at Monticello.

Purple Kingsessing Pole Bean