This rare Native American flour corn was taken to Oklahoma in 1867 by theancestors of well-known Delaware ethnographer Nora Thompson Dean (TouchingLeaves). It was Dean who saved this corn from extinction. It is one of the finest flourcorns available, prolific and fragrant like sweet corn when freshly ground. The biomass of this corn is also truly amazing since it grows anywhere from 10 to 16 feet tall, with 2cobs per stalk ripening in about 135 days from planting. The kernels are glossy white,and the flour is so soft that it can be used to make gluten-free cakes, cookies, and pastries.Best of all, since the plants are so tall, they discourage the predations of raccoons. Informer times, the broad leaves were used to weave mats, moccasins, and baskets.

~80 seed minimum per packet. LIMIT TWO PACKETS PER CUSTOMER (ordering more will result in the extras being refunded/cancelled).


(This is a Native American Variety. If you are of Native heritage and want to grow this corn, please contact us to recieve this and any other Native variety for free under our Roughwood Indigenous Peoples Program.)

Puhwem White Flour Corn