Solanum melongena. 90-100 days. An exceedingly rare eggplant that was in the gardens at Monticello, grown by Thomas Jefferson. This type, alongside others we have in the Roughwood Collection, were the earliest types of eggplants to reach England in the 1500s. These types were ornamental varieties with fruits the size, color, and shape of a chicken or duck's egg. We recommend eating these otherwise ornamental types when they are very young, when fruits are about 1-2 inches long, because otherwise they become exceedingly bitter. The duck egg sized fruit is produced on healthy, 1-2 foot plants that enjoy heat and ripen from white to a golden yellow. In this golden yellow stage the fruits can be stored and keep for a month or two on end in cool conditions. 30-40 seed per packet.

Old White Eggplant


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