This Medium Seed CSA is for gardens with 500-1000 square feet. 5 shipments of seeds will be sent to you, beginning in Feburary for Spring, another for early Summer, one for late summer, a third for fall, and finally one somewheres between those for winter crops. This CSA also includes a couple garlic varieties as well for you that you will recieve in time for fall planting. You will be recieving around 50 total seed packets with varieties we have tried and feel would succeed best in your particualr region and climate. These include but are not limitied to: tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, flowers, herbs, cowpeas, eggplant, lettuce, edible greens, and more. you will receive These 50 or so packets will be split between the 5 shipments. All included seeds will be and are packed for 2021 as well as are open pollinated/heirloom seeds. Included in this are the perks of special varieties that we don't offer normally through the online store and website, which includes limited quantity varieties, rare varieties, and breeding projects/future Roughwood releases, trial varieties, and more! In this CSA, you will recieve at least 1 corn variety.  Also included will be physical or ebook copies of seed saving books packed with valuable information! As well as the opportunity for a LIVE Video or Audio call with the Roughwood team during the growing season if you have any questions or concerns, or just to show us your progress!

Medium Seed CSA