Celosia cristata. 70-100 days. A unique ornamental cockscomb with edible black seeds. This interestingly shaped flower produces 3-5 foot tall stalks that are often "inflated", twisted, and flat like a hand fan with burgundy-pink crested clusters of flowers. This flower, alongside our Cempasuchil Marigold, are used in the celebrations of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Flowers are often left on altars and decorate graves of loved ones. Heat loving, but with moisture and during the fall the leaves hue a beautiful reddish shade. An excellent dried and fresh flower! Also known as: Abanico, Mano de león, Moco de pavo, Penachos, Quintonil rojo, Terciopelo, Selaxochitl "flor de seda", Crested Celosia, Crested Cockscomb.

Mano de Obispo


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