Get all of our rare roots in one shipment and collection! Through Mark Homesteader if Homesteader Heirloom Gardens in Florida, we have been proud to offer you rare turmerics and root crops that are exceedingly hard to find anywhere else. The total value of this collection is over $100! Supplies are limited!

This Collection includes the following as of 05/03/2020 (any orders prior to this will be filled without some items below):

1-2 Black Kali Turmeric***

3 Orange Longa Turmeric***

1 Galangal Root (if available; currently unavailable as of 05/10/2020)

1 Calthea Leren Root

2 Shampoo Ginger

***Quantity of Turmeric depends on our size and stock. Large, multi-fingered roots count as 2.***

Live Root Collection


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