Our indigenous peoples have suffered and fought for centuries for their rights and their traditions and foodways. It has been an unfair world to them and the lands we call home were originally and rightfully there’s. We at Roughwood recognize the importance of our indigenous peoples across the Americas and because we maintain and steward many indigenous varieties, we also understand the sacredness and depth seeds and seed saving hold to our indigenous nations. Seeds are food, medicine, religion, and again, sacred gifts.


We at Roughwood have decided to create a special CSA program for our Indigenous Peoples. This could be the first of its kind, but we wish to show our respect to the original seed and tradition stewards that call/called the America'shome. This CSA includes ONLY indigenous seed varieties and ones for a Three or More Sister planting. These are all varieties we are also working to re-matriate to their rightful peoples.


The cost of this program IS FREE! It is free to anyone of indigenous heritage, whether you live in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, etc. The general public does not have access to this particular CSA, even though it shows up for purchase.  This CSA comes with instructions to plant the varieties, their stories and histories as they were passed down to us at Roughwood, how to save seeds, and other general tips and tricks. Shipping for this CSA is also FREE. We wish to provide our indigenous peoples with their seeds and ensure these varieties we have been stewarding are returned to them. It is a critical portion to ensure communities have their traditional seeds and varieties. You are not required to state your indigenous heritage, but if you wish to provide your tribal affiliation and any cards, etc. we would greatly appreciate it so we can keep records of which nations have taken interest in our program and so we can properly rematriate those certain varieties back to that nation. We do hold the ability to ask for further information if we feel it is necessary.


For any indigenous peoples wishing to purchase our other CSA programs, we will be offering you a special coupon that takes off 50-60% of the cost for you. This is another discount we are only offering our indigenous peoples and their communities.

Indigenous Peoples Seed CSA