Amaranthus cruentus. 14 days baby, 70 days flowering plant, 110 days seed. Stuinning heirloom producing seedlings for colorful microgreens, deep red baby leaves for salads or steaming, and flowers for bouquets. Seeds are excellent for making a high-protein, gluten-free flour. Plants grow 4½-6' tall with a showy display of dark purple-green leaves, solid purple stems, and long, draping deep purple-red inflorescences. Used for dye or as an ornamental, and food. Originally introduced by Native Seeds/SEARCH, which notes this variety was collected in the lower area of Moenkopi, Arizona. The Hopi people make a natural scarlet food dye from the flower bracts to color piki bread. Can be enjoyed raw in salads or cooked. In fact, young amaranth leaves and stems can be used in any application calling for cooked greens. Protein-rich, nutritious seeds can be harvested and used as a grain. ~80 seed minimum per packet.

Grown for us by Heritage Meadow Farm in Indiana.

Hopi Red Dye Amaranth