Start your own garden! Our Home Gardener Kit comes with the essential vegetables for a home garden plus some extras! This is a great collection to get your family started and get a good food supply source going in dire times or to just feed your family. We will be expanding this kit and offering new kits as the season progresses and seedstocks allow. We may substitute varieties as needed so the below is a general selection of what you may receive. 

This Kit includes the following in each noted quanitity each unless otherwise noted:

2-3 packets of tomatoes of our choice 

1 packet of Hopi Red Amaranth

1 packet of  Paprika Pepper

1 Packet California Bell Pepper

1 packet of Wide Leaf Mizuna

1-2 packets of Stubby Okra

1 packet Red Rice Rice Cowpea

1 packet of Black Eyed Pea or another cowpea (if available) 

1 packet of Susan’s Red Bibb Lettuce

1 packet of Patience Dock

1 packet Upland Cress

1-2 packets pole bean of our choice

1 packet of bush bean of our choice (if available)

1 packet of Garlic Chives

1 packet of Mix Marigold (Tagetes)

1 Packet of Victoria Rhubarb

1 packet Of Peas (if available) 

Please note new updates to this kit we’re applied 4/11/2020. Orders prior to this may not include everything in this new list above. 

Home Gardener Kit


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