Ever since our founder learned to make these herbal wreaths, we have adored them at Floral Moon and often gift them to friends and family. These herbal wreaths are all hand harvested and hand made! Herbs have been used for centuries and our wreaths are designed to encourage positive energies, repel negatevity, and aid in protecting you and your home from bad juju and illness.


To use, hang or place above your door in your home or hang inside your/a room. You should replace each wreath annually in the fall, burning the old before hanging the new one.


We have two options available at this time, pure sweet annie (commonly used to prevent illness in the home) and mixed herbal wreaths (sweet annie or mugwort, lavender, catnip, lemon balm, and others).

Herbal Protection Wreath

  • Keep your wreath in a dry, cool location until use.


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