Our lovely scented bath salt soaks combine various herbs with epsom salt, baking soda to create a softening and cleansing bath water that you can relax in. We will soon have various options available, our only one right now is the Love Bath!


To use: Place 1/2 cup or more of loose mix into your bath directly or we reccomend using tea bags or other containment to prevent clogging of your drain and messy cleanup. If you purchase a pre-bagged soak, just place in the water with you or hang on the shower head or water spout. Warm to mildly hot water works the best! Soak for at least 30 minutes or longer.


Love: Feeling stuck in a relationship or can't find a good lover? Maybe your sacred energies are off! This loving soak includes many herbs specifically to help cleanse you of bad love karma and help restore your personal energy and to help attract positive relationships and lovers. Remember though, most of it is up to you! Includes: epsom salt, baking soda, lavender, cinnamon, ginger, rose petals, hydrangea root, echinacea leaf, goldenseal leaf, yarrow, elderberries, hibiscus flower, calendula petals, calamus root, castille soap, dry powdered milk, chamomile, wormwood



Healing- a lovely herbal blend to hep heal your spirtiually and physically through the skin. Various herbs are combined to cleanse your aura, realign it, and help remove any negativity and stagnation causing your illness.

Relaxation- 2020 has been nothing but stress! Our relaxation blend features herbs that help you to relax and releive tension and stress.

Protection- Various herbs are blended with out classic salt base to create a wonderful soak to help give you some protective energy against dark forces, negativity, curses, and anything else that may give you fear.


Herbal Bath Salt Soak