Start your own garden! Our Home Gardener Kit comes with the essential vegetables for a home garden plus some extras! This is a great collection to get your family started and get a good food supply source going in dire times or to just feed your family. We will be expanding this kit and offering new kits as the season progresses and seedstocks allow. We may substitute varieties as needed so the below is a general selection of what you may receive.


This Kit includes the following in each noted quanitity each unless otherwise noted:

2-4 packets heirloom tomatoes

1 packet of heirloom carrot

1 packet of leek/onion

1-2 packet (s) of garden peas

1 Packet California Bell Pepper

1 packet of Wide Leaf Mizuna

1 packet of spinach

1 packet of beets

1-2 packets of lima bean

1 packet of Roughwood Mixed Turnips

1-2 packets of Black Eyed Pea/cowpeas

1-2 packets of Eggplant

1 packet of Upland Cress

1-2 packets of heirloom Bush Beans

1 packet of Dill

1 packet of Chervil

1 packet of Fagiolo del Purgatorio Pole Bean

1 packet of Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean

1 packet of Turkey Craw Pole Bean

1 packet Dwarf Blue Kale

1-2 packet (s) of lettuce

1 packet of Roughwood Guillet Hot Pepper

1 packet of Genovese Basil

1 packet of Tatsoi

1 packet of Pie Pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern

1 packet of cucumber

1 packet of Seminole of Martinique Squash (C. moschata)

1 packet of radish

1 Packet of Rhubarb

2 packets of Okra

1 packet of Arugala

1-2 packet (s) of Summer Squash

1 packet of Orange Flame Marigold

1 packet of West Indian Burr Gherkin

Heirloom Vegetable Garden Collection