Cucurma sp. A VERY RARE strain of turmeric that is bright green and yellow hued inside! This is a potent medicinal plant and can be eaten, but it is quite bitter and will need some culinary work to fully be utilized in cooking. This type of turmeric is exceedingly rare in the U.S. and hails from Asia and is a scare dplant in many cultures, especially in India. Please note that root sizes vary but all are viable! Zeodary designates many Cucurma species but mainly those that are more medicinal than culinary. Past the atringency, this has a flavor similar to matcha.


You are purchasing 1-2 ounces of These roots by weight unless noted. This means you may receive individual seperate roots or single, paired-triplet roots. The last photo represents 1 ounce of this variety and will be similar to what you receive in size and shape, but not exactly.

Green Zeodary "Turmeric" (1 ounce)

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