Tanacetum parthenium aureum. A clump-forming, dwarf cultivar which typically grows 8 to 12in tall and features small daisy-like flowers and chartreuse aromatic foliage.Feverfew is a hardy evergreen, short lived perennial. The plant blooms profusely between July and October. Golden Feverfew is grown mostly for its beautiful chartreuse-yellow foliage, which forms a low bushy mound, perfect for edging. Well-suited to both the flower and herb garden. As with other feverfews, this one will self-sow about and should return for many years. Excellent as a cut flower. Plants may be pruned back hard to rejuvenate the leaves after blooming. Feverfew is a good companion plant enhancing the growth of plants around it. Feverfew contains pyrethrin, a natural insect repellent. A weak infusion controls whitefly and spider mites. Dried and crushed flowers repel aphids and leafhoppers. ~1/4-1/2 tsp per packet.

Golden Feverfew