C. moschata. 10 to 20 foot vines make this a rampant grower best for small field culture. Extra-large flowers ideal for stuffing. The French term giraumon is thought to derive from the word jurumu, a word for squash in the language of the Tupi peoples of coastal Brazil. The term, as used by the Tupi, is applied to the moschata species and might be best rendered into English As cushaw. This is a rather rare and hard to find variety we are proud to offer in LIMITED AVAILABLILTY. Delicious, very sweet bright orange flesh make this a wonderful pumpkin and insect and powdery resistance also make this an excellent choice. Somewhat longer season but does produce in Pennsylvania! ~15-20 seed minimum per packet.


Grown for us by Mark Homesteade rof Homesteader Heirloom Gardens.

Giramoun de Martinique Squash