A Pennsylvania heirloom! Description (C. mixta) Long, hardy leafy vines bear huge harvests of mid-sized pear-shaped fruit, with white skin. The thick yellow flesh isn’t particularly sweet or flavourful on it’s own, but is great to use for squash soups. Also for ghost white jack-o-lanterns!


This family heirloom traces back to Wayne Fortna of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. “[He] went to World War II and came back with like PTSD,” recalls his daughter, Sue Ellen Majer. “He couldn’t go back to teaching, and ended up gardening. That got him back into the soil and got him back into nature and that really helped his nerves.” When she saw his aptitude for gardening, Wayne’s aunt, Carrie Stayman, gave him a sample of the ‘Fortna White’ pumpkin seeds. For nearly forty years, Wayne grew his family heirloom with particular care, ensuring there would always be a white pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. After her father passed away in 1990, Sue Ellen realized how important it was for her family to save the seeds. 20 seed minimum per packet.


Grown for us by Chris Wallen.

Fortna White Pumpkin