Inula helenium. This wonderful medicinal herb was named for Helen of Troy as it sprung up from the earth on which her tears fell. found growing throughout Europe, western Asia, and northwestern India. Elecampane is known for its height, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers and large, aromatic roots. Elecampane root has been used in traditional European herbalism since the time of ancient Greece for its beneficial properties for bronchial infections, pneumonia and debilitating, chronic cough. The root can be infused, tinctured, added to herbal syrups, or used as a spice. iant plant bearing handsome, yellow flowers. Harvest the octopus-like roots in the fall of the second year’s growth. The plant can also be processed to yield a blue dye. Plant prefers part shade and evermoist soils, although full sun is tolerated. 1/4-1/2tsp per packet.