An incredibly versatile and underrated edible plant! The leaves are used in the treatment of cystitis, gonorrhoea, and dysuria. The seeds are purgative. The stem is the main source of jute used in sack cloth, paper etc. The wood is very light and soft and is used in making sulphur matches. The leaves and young fruits are used as a vegetable. The leaves are dried and used for tea and as a soup thickener. The seeds are edible as well. Leaves are edible raw or cooked. Young leaves are added to salads whilst older leaves are cooked as a pot-herb. The young leaves and stem tops are eaten cooked and are slimy unless fried. The leaves quickly become mucilaginous when cooked but are high  in protein. The dried leaves can be used as a thickener in soups. Leaves and young shoots are normally harvested when about 20 - 30cm long. Leaves can be sun dried, pounded to flour, then stored for a significant time. Relatively long seasoned plant for seed saving purposes. 1/4tsp of seeds per packet. Grown for us by Mark Homesteader of Homestead Heirloom Gardens in Floral City, FL.

Egyptian Spinach