Wonderful collection of various edible greens that make a perfect garnish or salad. This collection includes the following as of January 2, 2021:
1 packet of Arugula
1 packet of Wide Leaf Mizuna
1 packet of Mystery Choy
1 packet of Jewels of Opar/Fameflower
1 packet of Chervil
1 packet of Roughwood Turnip Mix
1 packet of Patience Dock
1 packet of Upland Cress
1 packet of Yellow Dock
1 packet of Katie's Mustard Lettuce
1 packet of Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
1 packet of Hopi Red Amaranth
1 packet of Red Malabar Spinach
Marvel of the 4 Seasons Lettuce
Scarlet Kale
Strawberry Blite
Red Mustard
Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet
Dwarf Curled Blue Kale
Vates Collard
Curley Leaf Parsley 
Forellenschus Lettuce 
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 

Edible Greens Collection


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