Pisum sativum, var. elatius William Woys Weaver acquired this rare pea from the Municipal Market, Nicosia and purchased them from farmer from the village of Ergates. A handsome wild pea, vines may reach 6 feet in length. The bi-color flowers are self-fertile and bloom from May to September, producing seeds from July to October. Prefers well-drained soil with a ph of 6 to 7 (alkaline) in full sun; does not thrive in deep or partial shade. Excellent for fixing nitrogen in the soil if the roots are left in the ground to decay after the tops are cut down following frost. The peas are eaten raw or cooked while green, or once dry used like split peas for soups and porridges. The peas provide a good source of protein, and the greens are a good source of pea shoots for salads or as a cooked vegetable. Excellent as a cover crop for small gardens: often found growing in vineyards prior to herbicides

Cypriot Field Pea