Exclusive! These seed cleaning screens are handmade by one of our growers in Tennessee. Many are custom sizes for more specific crops such as lettuce. These screens are amazing tools for any farm, seed saver, or market gardener to help sift and clear debris and seed hulls from their crops. VERY RARE opportunity to have at your finger tips the ability to clean nearly my seed you’d want to!we are proudly receiving these hard to find tools that are essentials for the seed saver and seed company. These are ALL HANDMADE/HANDCRAFTED! This complete set includes the holdingrack pictured alongside a set of handmade screens. Select the quantity of screens you’d like from the drop down menu, 12 or 16. Photos are only representative examples, not exactly what you may receive.


Screen sizes are as follows:

2= 1/2" square

4= 1/4" square

8= 1/8" square

16= 16 strands per inch (.125")

32= 32 strands per inch

blank seed pan


Screen Dimensions: 9 inches x 9 inches MADE TO ORDER! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery and completion.

Custom Seed Cleaning Complete Set