Cyperus esculentus. Chufas are perennial sedges that are one of the most popular foods for wild turkeys but are edible for humans too! This little known plant is a domesticated version of the common weedy grass known as Yellow Nutsedge. Chuffa/Chufa is NOT invasive!  One chufas tuber will produce a plant that can grow to 15-75 tubers when mature. These eidble tubers have a rich, earthy and nutty flavor. Chufa plants grow well in the southern half of the US from Northern California across to Southern Iowa and even Southern Pennsylvania. Chufa plants grow in a variety of soil, but perform best on well-drained, sandy or loamy soils. Clay soils can support chufa. When growing in clay soils, lightly turn the soil in the fall to expose the tubers, much like digging potatoes or garlic. 


NOTE: Packets say 20-30 seeds but you will be reciving 4-10 live small tubers per packet.


Grown for us by Mark Homesteader of Homesteader Heirloom Gardens in Floral City, Florida.