C. annuum. a.k.a. Charleston Belle.


A relatively rare and hard to find sweet bell pepper released in April 1997 by the USDA'S Agricultural Research Service at the U.S. Vegetable Research Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina. This is one of a very few peppers with extremely high resistance to southern root-knot nematodes. Conventionally bred, these delicious and large bell peppers are the product of bulked F3 populations of six backcrosses of 'Mississippi Nemaheart' x  'Keystone Resistant Giant'. PLants have a compact growth habit and from transplant usually average 60-70 days to harvest. Great choice for the home gardener and commercial growers! ~10 seed minimum per packet. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! 


Grown for us by Mark Homesteader of Homestead Heirloom Gardens in Floral City, FL. 

Charleston Nematode Resistant Pepper