80-95 day maturity.


A very rare white popcorn originally introduced to the world by our Collection Manager Stephen Smith a few years ago through Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Long discontinued, the corn vanished once again until Stephen provided us with a grower to bring it back to the spotlight! This ancient popcorn was collected in the Burro Mountains in Grant County, New Mexico in and was said to have been originally found in pottery container estimated to be 600 to 1000 years old.  Grown originally by Frank Tatsch in New Mexico. Whether this particular story is true, we do know this is a VERY old type that represents an ancient introduction of a group of popcorns Stephen calls the "Puntiagudo-Palomero" Complex from Mexico and South America into the U.S. Palomero Tolqueno is the ancient Aztec popcorn and Burro Mountain seems to be a U.S. adaptation of it, once common across the region but now since nearly extinct.


An excellent and very productive popcorn variety nonetheless that makes perfect popcorn! Even popping on the ear! Small popcorn is a rich popcorn falvor with hint of peanuts and earthy hues. 4-6 foot tall plants yield abudantly!  ~80 seed minimum per packet. LIMIT TWO TO THREE PACKETS PER CUSTOMER (ordering more will result in the extras being refunded/cancelled).


Grown for us by Patricica Brodowski at Monticello.  

Burro Mountain White Popcorn