Vines grow 4-5' in height. Standard vigor and productivity. Flowers have purple standard and red-purple wings. Purple stipule ring. Straight, green pods become round. Garden (shelling) pea or soup pea. Slightly sweet, full flavor as a soup pea with a firm, smooth texture. Mature pods average 2.75” long by 0.4” wide. Shattering dry pods. Slightly flattened, smooth seeds are buff-colored with a dark brown-orange mottled pattern. Non-pigmented hilum. Peas keep their color pattern when cooked. Yellow cotyledons. Late maturing. Donated to SSE by Ken Rogers who received the variety from Mrs. Beverly Smith. Maintained by Smith's grandfather, Napoleon Pawhatten Reid, of south central Alabama. Originally from Napoleon's aunt, Julianne Parten, of Opine, AL

Brown English Pea

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