(Canna edulis) Brown Canna is a rhizome (root) crop native to the lower elevations of the Andes. It is related to decorative Cannas and the plants look similar. This crop is easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest and generally easy to grow most parts of the US that have at least moderate summer rainfall. It's rhizomes can grow nearly three feet long, particularly if left to grow for more than one year. Yields can easily reach ten pounds per plant and yields as high as sixty pounds have been reported.


The rhizomes are generally white, sometimes with brown or red scale leaves. The rhizomes are similar in texture to potatoes, but have a more neutral flavor. Where the ground does not freeze significantly, Brown Canna can be grown as a perennial. This crop is propagated by planting segments of rhizome. Most varieties do not produce seed or grow true from seed if they do. Canna edulis is a PERENNIAL hardy to zone 8 and is frost tender. In more cold climates and/or in general it should be dug each fall after frost and stored for planting next season to be safe. 


Scarification of seed is best to enhance germination. 5-8 seed per packet.


"This variety selected and maintained by Florida seed steward Mark Homesteader of Homestead Heirloom Gardens."

Brown Edible Canna (Achira)