Phaseolus vulgaris


First "commerical" offering of this variety to our knowledge! This is an excellent white seeded bush bean perfect for soups and baking. 1-1.5 foot tall plants yield well and pods 5-6 inches long. Dry beans have a great potato like flavor. This variety was donated to Seed Savers Exchange  in 1981 by bean collector John Withee of Lynnfield, Massachusetts and the Wanigan Associates. Withee received the variety in 1977 from Stephen Deane of Wayne, ME. It was originally developed by Stephen's uncle, Phillips Herbert ("Bert") Deane of Leeds, ME, by crossing a soldier bean, a white kidney bean and a yellow eye bean. It's unclear exactly when Bert made this cross, but he stabilized it over a period of years and then grew the variety until his death in 1953 at the age of 87. When Bert died, he left Stephen two, five-gallon milk cans of seed.


20 seeds per packet.


Grown for us by Stephanie Rios.

Bert Deane's Baking Bean