80-100 days. 


This is the first "commercial" offering of this very rare and wonderful popcorn from the South American Guarani Nation! Part of the Cinteopan Collection of our Manager Stephen Smith, he introduced us to this beautiful popcorn a couple years ago. This deliciously nutty popcorn is later than most but is productive and enjoys heat and humidity better than many. It is a primitive type characterized by smooth kernels but some pointed/beaked ones will appear. Stephen and we at Roughwood consider this landrace to be part of the progenitor of Cherokee Long Ear Popcorn. 5-7 foot plants yield 3-5 ears of colorful popcorn per stalk.  ~80 seed minimum per packet. LIMIT TWO PACKETS PER CUSTOMER (ordering more will result in the extras being refunded/cancelled).


Grown for us by Patricia Brodowski at Monticello. 



Avati Pichinga I'hu Popcorn