A.K.A. Mongolian 8-Leaf Flour Sorghum

Sorghum bicolor

This rare heirloom from Central Asia is called ba-ye-qi in Chinese, meaning “uniform 8-leaf.”The 7 to 8-foot tall plants do indeed have only 8 leaves and develop seeds that turn coppery brown when ripe. This variety was specially selected for its flour, which is gluten-free, not syrup. This sorghum is hugely productive and when planted broadcast will yield a crop in 75 days. When planted in the South in Kentucky in July, we had heads in 40 days! In addition to its short season traits, when we cut the plants to the ground and left stubble, the roots put out new growth thus in warm micro-climates like the Deep South or Gulf Coast, this sorghum will yield a second crop and may even perennialize in areas where there is little or no frost. ~80 seed per packet.

8-Leaf Flour Sorghum