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Shop for our exclusive and VERY RARE and limited edible live roots! We have partnered with seed steward and root expert Mark Homesteader of Homestead Heirloom Gardens in Floral City, Florida to bring to light many unique and very hard to find medicinal and edible turmeric, gingers, and other root crops. Mark has been growing, propagating, educating, and stewarding these rare root varieties. Through him, we have an exclusive partnership! We are very happy to be offering these rare roots again! Mark has dedicated his time and work into preserving these rare edible roots, and to help support him and his valuable work, we will be splitting our root profits with him by 50%. We expect these varieties to sell out pretty quickly, so be sure to order ASAP! These are available on a first come, first serve basis and we do have quantity limits to be fair to as many customers as possible. Rare roots will be available to ship immediately until cold weather hits. After that, we will be holding your order until spring arrives to ensure your roots do not freeze in shipping. We recommend planting them or storing in moist peat moss upon recievement. Please give your roots up to 3 months to sprout, as many are currently dormant. Care packet will be included! We are currently only shipping live roots to U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, South Africa, and a few other countries. Please inquire for details. All orders once placed are FINAL AND CANNOT BE EDITED. Our roots, because they are a shorter shelf life than seeds, are also non-returnable. Refund requests due to misunderstanding of what you purchase, disappointment in sizes, etc. will not be honored because these terms and conditions are clarified on both the descriptions and below. Please be sure to read all descriptions and understand what you are purchasing. Most root prices are for 1-2 individual roots/tubers/fingers/rhizomes unless otherwise noted. Sizes vary because of the natural tendencies of these plants. All portions are viable however!

NOTE: Your roots may arrive with some mold on them. This is typical and normal! We do apologize for the mold but it happens to nearly everything we are selling. You can leave any effected roots in a mix of 50% peroxide and water for an hour or so and plant them afterwards. Generally, when planted in soil they will still grow! We will send you a replacement if your roots are completely mushy and rotted ( we will require a clear photograph showing such and IF we have that specific root still in stock/available) but we cannot guarantee it will not mold either. This is the nature of these roots and with the slowness of the USPS mail system, it is bound to happen. This mold is part of the natural process with these SHORT LIVED SHORT STORAGE roots. We cannot do much to prevent it! We do not use chemicals or fungicides for our roots, so this is part of the organic process. Most roots may mold but are still viable. PLEASE KEEP THIS ALL IN MIND BEFORE SUBMITTING MOLD COMPLIANTS. 

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders  for Complete Live Roots Collection, Turmeric-Ginger Collection, and Small Live Root Collection are on hold and back order. We are experiencing a great delay in order delivery due to an extensively slow USPS system from holiday mail season. Orders for seeds are shipping out on time but all orders may be delayed by up to a week or more. We are awaiting a restock of all of our roots but are still taking orders.  Shipment of this restock has been greatly delayed due to the slow USPS mail system.


Cold weather is approaching so we may choose to hold your order. We ship roots on Mondays and Tuesdays to allow them to arrive during the week. We also ship in boxes or padded envelopes so your roots are not crushed and destroyed in processing by USPS.   

**As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we at Roughwood are not responsible for any delays in your order delivery or if it is lost when turned over to the USPS. It is out of our hands at that point and thus, out of our responsibility.**

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