Hardnack Farms

Tom & Wendy Hardnack 

Guthrie, Oklahoma

We have ten acres and it’s tucked back in her have a huge fence around the back heals 5 acres and lots of cameras, we are in a country nook and we have a gate, plus amazing retired neighbors that watch us, no traffic because no cars can drive by our house, we are back in here. The land next to me is Historic the land was acquired in the great Oklahoma land run of 1889 my friends grandfather acquired the land and it’s been in their family her entire life and still is, the land we are on was cedar trees and nothing has ever been here. My husband bought the land back when he was in high school. He is 57 almost 58 so I feel so blessed having this farm. I married him 8 years ago in May and started growing and acquiring heirlooms.

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