Become a GROWER!

2021 Grow-outs are still open! We are taking applications for 2021 growers until February 2021! We prefer U.S.A. and Canada based growers, as international seed/plant laws for foreign countries become expensive and problematic.

A great way to give back to the seeds and to Roughwood is helping us with our growouts. Let's face it, we cannot grow everything in our seedbank out alone. We would be nothing without future members and growers. The seeds rest in our hands and also in all of your hands. Their growing caretakers will become you folks!

How do you become a grower? We select our growers for the seeds and wish to find the best one we can. Some seeds are more picky than others. We take all things into consideration and review a great tool we have-the Grower Questionnaire that can be found on the button to the right. No grower is too small or too big! We appreciate growers from small-time and beginner gardeners to full operating farms and homesteads. 

Please click on the RED APPLICATION button at the bottom of this page to the right to open the Google Form where you may apply to become a grower for Roughwood.  Please fill it out as best as you can, because this is the application we will select from!

Click on the PDF button on the right to open the Roughwood Grower Packet. This will have to be signed for growers to work with us, as we wish to be professional about our growouts. This packet details everything you need to know about growing for us. Please remember these are all very generalized details and are an OVERVIEW of our program.  Everyone's contracts/agreements are customizable! Each one is unique and if you have a certain group to share seeds with, that can be allowed!

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