Garlic & Live Roots!

Shop for our delicious garlic varieties! It is garlic planting season across much of the U.S.! We have limited supply of our rare garlics so purchase now while supplies last! All are organically grown and are ready to plant upon receiving your order. 

***Our RARE LIVE ROOTS will be listed in Bulk Update 2 a week or so before Thanksgiving! This will include colorful turmeric, gingers, canna, and other edible root varieties from Mark Homesteader in Floral City, Florida. We are very happy to be offering these rare roots again! Mark has dedicated his time and work into preserving these rare edible roots, and to help support him and his valuable work, we will be splitting out root profits with him by 50%. Rare roots will be available to ship immediately until cold weather hits. After that, we will be holding your order until spring arrives to ensure your roots do not freeze in shipping.***

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