Roughwood Seed Programs

COMING 2021!!!

As Roughwood undergoes a transition, we are working on expanding our outreach and how to further get heirloom seeds into more hands. 

We are working on adding some amazing seed based programs, a YouTube channel, and more for 2021 and 2022. Under this main page will be our special featured seed programs, most notably our newest creations: Seed CSA and Indigenous Peoples CSA. These programs are memberships anyone (with certain restrictions noted on their pages) can sign up for and purchase to obtain a set amount of seed packets, planting-harvest-seed saving information, and other perks, over the course of 4-5 shipments throughout the season. Five levels of memberships priced fair will allow small home gardeners, community gardens, homesteaders and farmers, and indigenous peoples to utilize our seed CSA program! All include heirloom/open pollinated, non-GMO seed varieties.  Below are the generalized structures of each and we hope to launch this program early in 2021!

SMALL SEED CSA   $100.00

  • gardens under 500 feet

  • 32 seed packets

  • 4 shipments


  • 500-1000 square feet gardens

  • 50 seed packets + some garlic for fall

  • 1-2 corn varieties

  • 5 shipments

LARGE SEED CSA   $220.00

  • 1000-2000 square feet gardens

  • 80-90 seed packets + garlic for fall

  • 4-5 shipments

  • 1-3 possible corn varieties


  • 2000 square feet+ garden space

  • bulk seeds when available

  • bulk garlic

  • 150-200 or more seed packets

  • 1-4 possible corn varieties


  • Any garden space/custom made

  • Three Sisters or more whenever possible

  • ONLY available to indigenous peoples

  • includes ONLY indigenous seeds and can be custom made for a certain Indigenous Nation

  • special 60% discount if wishing to purchase our other Seed CSA memberships

  • Native American identity for this program is self-reported and no tribal identification card is required