Books & More!

We at Roughwood are happy to be offering many rare books! Many of these listed came from the collection of the late Stephen Facciola.  Stephen Facciola (1949-2020), best known for his massive food reference book called Cornucopia, passed away in July this year leaving behind a large library of some 3000 volumes and the unfinished text for his next reference project. Steve was a friend of Roughwood and visited us often. His estate gifted us his book collection and in order to maintain it properly, we are selling off duplicates to raise a library fund. All the books listed below are second hand but in very good condition. As we sell off these titles, we will add a few more since there are perhaps 100 books to be sold, so stay tuned because you may find the treasure you have been looking for. We are pricing the books below Amazon but if you want to make a contribution to help out, that too would be deeply appreciated. Eventually, once Roughwood opens as a research center, these books will be available to interns and workshop attendees.

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