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My husband Alan and I purchased and started Heritage Meadows Farm in 2012.  Our farm consists of 43 acres in Hendricks County Indiana.  We originally started off as a homestead to grow better food for ourselves.  However it quickly evolved into much much more.  We are a chemical free farm that raises both rare heritage breeds of livestock along with rare heirloom plants.  Farming is not a job to us, but our whole life.  We have committed ourselves to saving as many rare genetic lines as we possibly can from going extinct.  We are a slow food approved farm and raise many things of the Ark of Taste list.


We raise many different rare heritage breeds of Livestock.  Most of them are listed as endangered with the Livestock Conservancy and many of them also are on the Ark of Taste.  All of our animals have access to outside and pasture.  We never lock any of our birds up at night.  We are able to do this by having 5 livestock guardian dogs on duty 24/7.  We raise Large Black hogs and are currently serving as the President of the Large Black Hog Association.  We have a fairly large flock of Katahdin hair sheep and are currently working on increasing them.  We raise a multitude of different poultry species and breeds.  We currently have Ancona, Saxony, and Pekin ducks and are looking to potentially add the Aylesubury.  I am leading a group trying to get the Ancona's recognized by teh American Poultry Association and will be serving on the board of the new Ancona Association.  We raise Pilgrim Geese and Royal Palm and Narraganset Turkeys.  Our main chicken breeds are currently Buckeyes, Dorkings, Phoenix, and New Hampshire's.  Although we also have many other breeds and do our own crosses for our egg layers.  We are a mating to market farm.  We keep all of the breeders and all the babies are born here on the farm only leaving on that last day.  We breed for show quality in all of our animals always striving to improve the breeds that we raise.

I am a multi generation farmer.  I know farming is in my blood at least 5 generations back and could be further.  As far as I know I am the only one left farming.  I grew up on a small farm in Butler Indiana and was a 10 year 4h member.  I graduated from Purdue as a Veterinary Technician.   I knew my whole life I would be working with animals but didn't realize it would bring me back to the farm.  My husband Alan grew up in Plainfield Indiana and served in the Navy.  He is a full time fire fighter/EMT and of course also a farmer.  Our son Morgan is a great help on the farm.  He is in his 4th year of 4H and plans on taking over the farm.  He has huge goals for the future of the farm.

We strive for all of the plant species on our farm to be Heirloom, open pollinated, non hybrid, non gmo, and chemical free.  We encourage beneficial insects as much as we can on our farm.  We specialize in Heirloom beans and tomatoes, but grow many other things as well.  Even though we had been saving seed for several years we became an official seed grower in 2017. We sell our own seed locally.  We also grow flowers, herbs, and a variety of other greens and produce. We became a grower for SOPI in 2018.  Currently this year we have 32 varieties of beans planted along with nearly 50 varieties of tomatoes.  We hope to be able to increase these numbers in the near future.

We sell our products at a local farmers market, one online store, and to a variety of chefs and restaurants locally.  We sell meat, eggs, produce, flowers, herbs and seasoning blends, soaps, plants, and various other things.  We have more plans and ideas then we will probably ever accomplish.  For us farming is a way of life and a family affair.  Each of us has their part on the farm.  To say we are busy is an under statement, but we love what we do and are proud of what we are accomplishing only wish there were a few more hours in the day.  

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